Behavioral problems with your cat?

You love your cat but hate the problem. We can help!

  • Litter box problems or concerns with inappropriate elimination
  • Introducing a new cat into your home or issues with cohabitation between pets
  • Cat scratching, jumping on the kitchen sink, aggression and more

Need a cat sitter you can trust?

Look no further. We are highly trained and understand cat behavior.

  • Leaving your cat while you travel is stressful and worrisome. We are here to help ease your concerns by ensuring that your cat is as happy as it can be.
  • We will always spend the full time that we agreed on including looking around your home to make sure nothing has happened to endanger your cat.
  • You will be hiring a professional sitter who is insured, bonded, and certified by the American Red Cross in Cat First Aid.

Meet Laurie Penca
Founder and Owner of Cat’s Eye View

Wilmington Cat Sitting

Hi everyone and welcome to Cat’s Eye View. Following is a brief background on my experience dealing with cats. My devotion to cats has continued for three decades in which I have studied, researched and observed why cats do what they do, from their perspective. Whether I am cat sitting or doing a behavior consultation, I find I am always using the information I have gained.

  • Pursuing education concerning cats is most important to me as I practice the most modern and ethical methods in cat care and hold myself up to the highest standards. I have attended numerous behavior training courses and interned with a well-known cat behaviorist in New York City. I’ve worked with many clients and their cats solving behavior problems and/or cat sitting.
  • I volunteer with animal shelters and rescue groups working hands-on with the cats in a variety of ways including dealing with behavior issues so cats can be adopted. The number one reason cats are brought back to shelters is behavior issues. I, along with many others, are working to change that!

Please feel free to email, text or call me to discuss my background and/or the services we offer. I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you in whatever way I can, as well as meeting your precious cat.


Our Services

Cat Sitting and Cat Behavior Consulting in Concord Ohio and Nearby Areas

Wilmington, NC Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting

  • Here at Cat’s Eye View, we have great empathy for animals and will do whatever it takes to make sure your cat is well cared for during your absence, not only feeding your cat and cleaning their litter box, but offering your cat stimulating play time and companionship.
  • We start with a brief phone consultation and then follow-up with an in-person meet and greet. At that time, we will complete the information form together so I have all the information I need and we are both clear about what is the best plan for your cat while you are away. If you choose, we will also provide you with frequent updates on how your cat is doing, and we will always be available for your questions and concerns.
  • Choose Cat’s Eye View for cat sitting and leave your home with confidence knowing that your cat is going to be just fine!
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Wilmington, NC Cat Sitting

Cat Behavior Training

  • Every cat is unique. That’s why we start our cat behavior training with an in-home consultation where we can get to know you and your cat and understand the problems you are having.
  • Next we will develop a training plan designed to provide you with the best results. Although we will work together, a good deal of the training will be done by you with my guidance. It is a great bonding tool for you and your cat.
  • There will be follow-up phone calls and/or visits so we will continue to help you with your training after the initial appointment.
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See What our Clients Have to Say

I had one cat and decided to add another. They did not get along at all and I didn’t know where to turn for help. I found Laurie at Cat’s Eye View and she helped me through the process of introducing the cats. The cats are great with each other now! I would highly recommend Laurie!”

—Sue R.

I have had cats my whole life but never ones that were strictly indoors. Now that I have two, Laurie helped me to deal with their need for enrichment and the one’s litter box issues. We can all sleep together again! Thanks Laurie.

—Nancy V.

Instead of leaving my cats alone, like I always do, I decided to hire Laurie to take care of them. The one cat suddenly got very ill and Laurie handled the situation calmly and very professionally. My vet stated that if Laurie hadn’t brought my cat in immediately, the cat would most likely have passed away. Laurie is the best!

—Colin F.

Laurie was fabulous with my 3 kitties. They eat a special diet and one is on medication and nothing was a problem for her. She takes the time to know what each pet likes before she is alone with them. All my kitties were happy when I came back vs. when they were boarded and couldn’t settle down for days.

—Darcy L.

Not only is Laurie very knowledgeable regarding cats and their behavior, but she genuinely feels great empathy toward cats that I could see in her eyes and hear in her voice as she dealt with my Calli.

—Nicki S.

To state Laurie’s intelligence and insightful interaction with my cat proved successful would be an understatement. The turnaround in my cat’s behavior since Laurie began working with Sam has been awesome. Sam and I are once again best friends thanks to Laurie.

—Doug T.

I recently hired Laurie to take care of my Jasper while I was away. She updated me during the week as to how things were going, sent a picture of Jasper doing something cute, and just made me feel like I could enjoy my time away and she would care for my Jasper like I do. Some of the so called “cat sitters” I have hired in the past were not professionals as Laurie is. Don’t hesitate to hire her, you will be glad you did.

—Janet K.

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